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Sarah, a 14 year-old girl, and (secretly) a werewolf, looked at the full moon as she stood alone in the woods. Or so she thought. Her best friend Rebecca watched from behind a bush. Sarah had been keeping a secret from Rebecca for too long. Now Rebecca understood. She looked at her best friend in horror. Sarah could feel the fur crawl down her throat. Her hands and feet became paws, and her nails became claws, sharp like a diamond. Her knees reversed direction, causing her to topple over. She looked at the sky and shouted "Why!? Why is this, despite the fact there are over 7.6 billion people on Earth, happening to ME?" Rebecca crept to a closer bush. Sarah's ears became pointed. Her spine stretched out longer and longer until a tail poofed out of her shirt. Her nose became a long and narrow snout.

Finally, the last few changes were complete, and Sarah had become a werewolf. Her clothes, hair and eyes were the same as before, and so were her abilities to think like herself and to talk. She then shook her hair out of her eyes and froze for a moment. A familiar scent entered her nose. She wondered, "Why is this smell so familiar?" She crept carefully towards the bush where Rebecca was hiding. Soon, she and Rebecca were both looking at each other. Rebecca realized that Sarah was a friendly werewolf. She stroked Sarah's long golden fur. Sarah backed away a little. Then she muttered, "You must hate me now, now that you know my secret." Rebecca just smiled and rolled her eyes. "I do not hate you," she said. "You're my best friend, and I think it's pretty neat you're a werewolf too. A friendly one at that."

Sarah walked a bit closer and gave Rebecca a friendly lick. "You don't hate me?" asked Sarah. "Absolutely not," said Rebecca in a comforting voice. "I'm just disappointed that you didn't tell me this before. I would've understood." Rebecca then had an idea. "Bite me," she said. Sarah looked at her, rather puzzled. She then asked, "Bite you? Why would I bite you?" "Because," said Rebecca. "We're BFFs! If you're a werewolf, I'm a werewolf too." Sarah then understood. She gave her best smile to Rebecca before gently teething her hand. Rebecca felt something warm and fuzzy on her throat. It was a patch of brown fur.

Rebecca took off her shoes so they wouldn't get torn apart, then got down on all fours as the changes began. A big, fluffy tail poofed out of Rebecca. Then her feet stretched out into paws, as her toenails became claws. Her hands also turned into paws, causing fur to rise up her arms. She could feel her bones grind together as her knees reversed direction and her face began to change. Her ears became broad and pointed, and her nose became long and narrow. Soon, just two minutes after the changes began, she had fully become a werewolf. She looked almost exactly like Sarah, except her fur was brown like dark chocolate. She scampered over to Sarah and said, "Wow! I don't know why you were so upset! This is great!" Sarah looked at her and explained. "Well," began Sarah. "It's not that I don't like being a werewolf. I actually think it's pretty cool! I was afraid of what you would say. I thought that you would get mad and stop being my friend. I hope you'll forgive me."

Rebecca said, "I forgive you. After all, we're best friends to the very end!" "Yeah!" said Sarah. "Best werewolf friends to the very, very end!" Sarah picked up a blue wildflower with her teeth and carefully set it in Rebecca's hair. Rebecca then pounced playfully on to Sarah, and the two of them had fun. They weren't worried what others would say. If they thought it was weird, then it was their opinion. Because these two were totally inseperable.
Best Werewolf Friends Forever!
Sarah, a 14 year-old secret werewolf, realizes her best friend Rebecca is watching. Will they stay friends to the end? Or is it finally over for them? :o (Eek) 



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